the-princess-brideDuring January I read the Princess Bride for BOTB (Battle of the Books). It was about a girl named Buttercup whose family takes in an orphan named Westley. Buttercup soon becomes close to the 15th or 16th most beautiful women ever to walk the face of the Earth. But after years and years of bossing Westley around, she soon finds out that she is in love with him, and the night that she confesses her love he comes to her room and says that he also loves her but that he also has to leave so that he can go to a place called America so that he can make a living and bring her there to live and love him forever. But she soon gets a letter saying that the ship Westley was on had been raided by the Dread Pirate Roberts, a pirate group who never leaves any survivors. So she locks herself in her room and vows never to love anybody again. Then the Prince comes to ask for her hand in marriage but one without love for all he seeks is an heir. She agrees and soon finds out that Westley is not dead but has become the Dread Pirate Roberts himself. He has to rescue her from a Sicilian, a giant, and a swordsman in search of a 6-fingered man who killed his father. the Sicilian captured Buttercup and with Westley not far behind, puts the swordsman to fight him on a cliff, after he has been tied up and catches up again, he must fight the giant hand to hand, after he has been knocked out, he must trick the Sicilian to get back Buttercup. This is not anywhere close to where the book ends but I will stop here because I will just end up spoiling the rest of the book if I keep going.

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