For this month I read a lot of different types of articles because I wasn’t reading a book, but one of the most interesting was this TV show I was reading about how the story is going to have an twist. So the show is all about how this girl wanted to marry this boy, the boy was from a rich a family so was the girl but  the girl was a little way richer because of this the boys mom always s got jealous of this and never liked no one from the family so they secretly loved each other but their parents didn’t know. There was a twist when the mom unfortunately  decided to get the girl with another guy when she didn’t’ even want to so she married him with the force and for her mothers happiness . Before getting married she had told the guy who is her husband now about her relationship with the other boy but he respects it and now the girl finds out about how the boy was just acting like he loved her and she tells him to never come back her to her life. The boy doesn’t leave easily so he tries to get in the house that the girl is living and make her mother-in-law , father-in-law and her husband seem like she has betrayed the family because they don’t know about her past relationship so he acts likes he is mental but he isn’t and he fools everyone in the family  with his acting expect the girl is not fooled yet she believes that he is acting and yes she was right and she tries to expose his truth but fails many times she tries telling the husband but he does not believe her but one day in this party he actually does find out and now the girl and the husband reveal  his truth and is asked to leave the country but the twist is that the girl didn’t know she had a dad so her mother finally tells her and she is all sad about it but the family reunites and is all happy but another big twist was that the girl had an sister and the boy who is asked to leave finds that about the sister and fools her in his love to hurt the girl so she could be his, now he is back at the family playing the drama.

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