I found this book to be quite intriguing¬† my thoughts on the character named Gregor is that he feels scared and hurt inside but puts on a tough guy act he tries to hide his feelings. Gregor is 11 years old he has a baby sister nicknamed “Boots” although her real name is Margret her nick name is Boots because she always stole her families shoes in the winter.¬† Boots is approx. 2yrs old. The plot of the first book is that the boy named Gregor lived in New York with his mother Grace which the bug like creatures in the Underland call the fearsome swatter now the way the plot progresses is kind of unique Gregor is doing laundry and playing with boots as well boots at some point disappears into a open vent luckily she is caught by a strong up force of wind making her fall easy at that moment Gregor freaks out and follows from there on they find the Underlander city and are greeted Gregor is then informed of his father and how he had been in the Underland and taken away by the gnawers(Giant rats) so overall if you are looking for a book with action, adventure and great plot development try reading Gregor the overland (The Underland Chronicles) Written by Suzanne Collins



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