Just like some of my fellow classmates, I am using Fever 1793 for my March post. And since I have to have a book from certain a category each month, this book will be a book I should have read at school (I read most of the book at school, but I should have read all of it at school, so yeah).

Of course, you should know all about this book, so I don’t even know why you’re still reading this. But anyways, in Fever 1793, there is a girl named Matilda. Matilda was a teenage girl who worked at a coffeehouse in Philadelphia in 1793 with her mom, her grandfather, this girl named Polly, and this other woman named Eliza. So one day, Polly mysteriously falls over dead, and so do a whole bunch of other people in Philadelphia. Philadelphia declared that there was a Yellow Fever Epidemic going on, and so the rest of the book is about how Matilda dealt with the epidemic, without dying.

I really hope you people read this book.

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