In the month of May, i read the the short story/book “Thank You, Ma’am” by Langston Hughes which fits the category a book that was publishes before i was born. This book is about a boy who tries to steal a women’s purse so he can buy himself new shoes. However, in this ladies bag, are heavy items so it causes the boy to fall. The women then takes the boy and takes him to her house to teach him a lesson right after lecturing him and embarrassing him in front of others. The women leaves the door open which means that she isn’t forcing him to stay in his house and the women commands the boy to wash his face because it was dirty. Then she starts to make dinner for herself and the boy without caring about her belongings. She then feeds him dinner and starts a conversation/ lectures without talking about his personal life. She opens up and also says that she did do some stuff bad stuff she regrets in the past when she wanted stuff like stealing. After feeding him, she gives him money, tells him to never steal again, and then shuts the door on his face. The women is never seen again by the boy. I think the meaning of this story is that everyone is the equal.

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