Yeah, that’s right. that one book from last year’s Battle of the Books selection. Last year, I read all of the books for the Battle of the Books, and this one was one of the last ones that I read, because it looked long, and boring, and it looked intimidating. So this will count as a book that intimidating for my May Reading Road Trip post.

Deadweather and Sunrise is about a teenage boy named Egg, who lived on a pirate-infested island, on his father’s ugly fruit plantation. One day, Egg’s father takes his family to a much more pleasant island called Sunrise, where the rest of Egg’s family dies in an accident, and Egg is forced to stay with the rich Pembroke family. Then, someone tried to kill Egg, and so Egg ran for his life from Sunrise, and got into a bunch of situations, but somehow survived them all. He eventually made his way back to his father’s plantation, found treasure there, and that’s how the book ended (I think. I don’t remember the book too well, but don’t tell anyone that I don’t remember it).

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