For The Month of may, I read a book called: “It’s The First Day of School Forever” by R.L. Stine (the creator of Goose Bumps).
This book was recommended by a few of my friends and I think that I had started it a long time ago however I never really got to finishing the book.

The book is about a boy in the fifth grade named Artie who gets to relive his dramatic first day of school many times, each time the day gets worse, he begins the day arriving to school with syrup covered hair and wet pants, and finds that a dog follows him to school, sometimes the dog plays an important role such as biting off the principals hand or it forgets to show up. many accidents occur like dominos creating other problems such as giving a bully a concussion and then breaking his arm, letting the class pet scorpion out, and wandering into the girls bathroom on accident. This story is truly about a child who is having the worst day of school forever. Just like any of R.L Stine’s stories, there is no end, just a plot twist such as the fact (spoiler alert look away if you haven’t read the book) that Artie is a video game character and the main true character who controls him is a boy named Chris who is not actually having the worst day of school ever.

I recommend this book to anyone since it wont take to long to finish and the whole book is always intense even after school when “Artie” pays a visit to the Dentist.

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