This book is about a 12-year-old boy named Percy Jackson. During the summer, he discovers that he is actually a half-blood, so he gets taken to the half-blood camp so he can be safe from monsters. While he is at the camp, he learns more about himself, like that he is Poseidon’s son. When Zeus’ master bolt gets stolen, Zeus blames Poseidon for stealing it. Percy then goes to find the master bolt, which he believes that Hades has stolen. He heads to the underworld with his 2 friends, Grover and Annabeth. During their trip to the underworld, they come across many obstacles but eventually¬†makes it there. When they see Hades, they find out that his own powers have been stolen. Suddenly, the master bolt appears in Percy’s backpack. After getting safely away from Hades, the encounter Ares. Percy and his friends battle Ares because she is the one that stole the two symbols of power. Percy wins and he gets the two symbols. He delivers Hades’ symbol first, then goes back to New York to deliver the Master bolt. At the end of the book, he decides to go back home to live with his mother.

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