CONGRATULATIONS! You are in an amazing class this year! You’ve been selected to meet and beat last year’s students in the 2016-2017 Reading Road Trip Challenge. Here’s how it works:

You are going to read — a lot. You need to read what is interesting to you, with some suggestions. This doesn’t affect your grade: this isn’t about just getting ‘points’ without any purpose. Think about it this way: in the real world, we don’t read for points. We read because we have to KNOW THINGS, and we all love to talk about ideas. So this way, you will be a more interesting person. We’ll only keep track of what you’ve accomplished, and everything is a win! Will there be a celebration? I am not sure.


Here is another list of genres — see if any of these intrigue you:

You will be publishing your reading ideas on this blog. Each post will have a picture of the book, and your thoughts about it. It doesn’t have to be long, and it can have your opinion. If you write ‘spoilers’ make sure to put a BIG SPOILER ALERT sign on your post.


Directions on how to post to the blog will follow. Stay tuned! See if you can read all 40 books/texts before June!

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