Milk and Honey is one of few books that have brought me to tears. She was able to make terrible, sad things, into beautiful poetry. When I first got a hold of it I was a bit skeptical. I thought it was going to be another boring book with sad love poems in it. But boyyy was I wrong. She divided it in 4 parts: the hurting, the loving, the breaking, and the healing. Every poem is based on some type of experience she has had in her life, which makes it closer to the heart when you’re reading it since they’re so vivid and detailed. What really shocked me is how I was able to relate to at least one thing in all 4 parts, which had made me eager to finish the book in one night. One thing I love most about how she writes is her wording. She is able to express so many emotions with just a few words, which is an amazing ability in my opinion. Another thing that makes this book so much better is that every time I read one of the pages, I paused. It was as if she has went inside my head and painted a museum of pictures in it. It makes you think. A lot. In a lot of ways, this book has impacted me quit a lot. It made me think of how I want to change how I live my life, how I’m going to help other with theirs, and basically impact the whole world as a whole. Even if you think you won’t like this book because either you hate poems or nothing heartbreaking has happened to you in your life, I STRONGLY recommend you still read it. I highly doubt you won’t regret it!

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