The Hired Girl

I am sorry I didn’t post about August earlier, but here it is. During August, I read The Hired Girl, this book takes place in a Jewish household in the early 1900’s, this is the diary of a Christian girl named Joanne. She works as a servant and as a helper for their main housekeeper, […]

Harrington’s Hearse

This Story Was Written By Lake Lopez, and its about a Man Who kept Seing A hearse When the men in his family died, But when the women in his family died he didn’t see it. So,first he was a young boy when he dreamed of it, Then he was A young ranger when he […]

Get lost, odysseus!

In this story about the mighty odysseus  we see a different perspective  of his story on him trying to get back home after the Trojan war but he had to face many challenges  on his journey because he has made posiden angry because of what he did to his cyclops son but odysseus  and his […]

go for the gold, antlanta

I have been reading these myth o mani books and now have a liking to it like this book which is sad because a girl is abandoned  and raise by nice bears because the father wanted a boy (mess up ) but when she grows up she becomes an adventure and so hades is like […]

Phone home, persephone

in this book it shows the story of what “really” happened to persephone the original story was she was kidnapped by hades to be hades’s wife but the real story (not really) was that she was tired of the work and her very protective mom so she runs and away with hades to the underworld […]