Mrs. Love’s Summer Reading

I am not sure what is up with me this summer, but I didn’t read as many books as I thought I would…but I did read some amazing ones.

My promise/hope is that this year you’ll read with me and we can discover some great stories together. Maybe I just felt too isolated this summer.

So: here are ones I did read. No spoilers, which is why there is an absence of literary analysis.

Brown Girl Dreaming by Jaqueline Woodson


This was a great book, and I highly recommend it.

The Dark Thirty: Southern Tales of the Supernatural

I just started reading some of these stories. When we do our “fear” unit in October, we will talk about the nature of fear, and do different cultures fear different things, and why: most importantly, how do we combat what we fear?

Certain Dark Things by Sylvia Moreno Garcia

I loved this book: it is a vampire story from a whole new perspective. I learned so much.

All American Boys by Jason Reynolds is the one I just started (and I’m hooked already).


my life

everyone has there own life.

it can be simple as black and white.

white can mean that its going good.

and back can mean that it may going bad.

as for my life is black and white.

I have good days and I have bad days.

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