This book is a book that I had meant to buy and read for 2 months, after it was first released in November. I got it for Christmas, and I didn’t finish it until probably 3 weeks ago. So for February, I’m going to post about How to Train Your Dragon Book 12: How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury, for my book that I have been wanting to read.

When you see the words, “How to Train Your Dragon,”  you  probably think of the movie by DreamWorks. But 7 years before the movie came out, Cressida Cowell, the author of the “How to Train Your Dragon book series”, released the first book in the series, called How to Train Your Dragon (which is WAY better, and WAY different from the movie, but that’s another story for later).

So now, 12 years after the first book came out, the twelfth and final book finally came out (after like a year and a half of waiting!). So at the beginning of the 12th book (not trying to spoil anything or anything), Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third, was left unconscious on the island of Hero’s End, with less than 24 hours to save all of dragonkind (

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