Warning: This review may contain spoilers!!!

The book I read this month they I’ve been meaning to read is the book is “A Tale of Highly Unusual Magic” by Lisa Papademetriou. This book catches your eye immediately because of the colorful and fun cover and it looks very interesting because of the fun title. I would totally recommended everyone to read this book.

So this book is written in 2 perspectives. One is written in the perspective of Kai: a girl who is spending her summer with her grandma in Texas and Leila: a girl who is spending her summer in Lahore, Pakistan with her Lahore family (her parents did not come with her).  Both of these girls explore a bit when they discover a magical book where words with magically appear. When Kai writes 3 words in the book, the words appear in Leila’s book too and then a romantic story begins to appear magically (None of the girls are writing it). The book follows Leila and Kai and no matter how much they try to avoid it, it keeps appearing from nowhere. The girls try to handle this magical book while dealing with the new city they are living in and the stress they handle. Throughout the story, the book with connect with Leila and Kai and will bring a lot of surprises. To know more, read more of this story and I am sure you will enjoy it!

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