Lately I have been reading Jacky Ha-Ha by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein. I enjoyed this book immensely! The characters were great and the middle school drama (while I think is over-used in James Patterson books) is always interesting. But what made this book different from all the others is what kept me coming back. The protagonist. Jacky Hart is a character that is memorable in the fact that she has her own character. She was not a common character trope with just an interesting twist. As you will learn very early on she isn’t the kid that  just learns of their new-found natural ability and reaches fame and fortune by learning to use this ability. Jacky already knows of this ability. In fact she has had it for most of her life. You see, she is fantastic at improvisation. She takes in her surroundings and makes a witty and comedic remark on them. Well what is the problem I hear you ask. She doesn’t use her power for good all of the time. In class Jacky uses this power to annoy teachers buy playing with their words to make funny jokes that give her detention. It is only with a vow from atop a Ferris-wheel and a teacher who hopes to use that extra creative talent for other more educational purposes. Watch as Jacky goes from school clown to an Oscar winner in Jacky Ha-Ha is how I would sum it up. So check this book out if your a James Patterson fan or love to see an interesting character go through an even more interesting character arc.

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