The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant

This month I read the short story called The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant. This short story goes under the category a book/story that you can finish in one day. This book is about a women who was one wealthy but then married a poor man. She feels left out because she is now poor and does not get to do any of the stuff that she used to do and her husband feels bad because of that. One day her husband gives her a invitation card to a fancy ball and left her go all out by spending a lot of money on a dress. She feels bad because she wont have any jewelery so she asks a friend for a beautiful piece of jewelry which she wear but later loses. Because of this, the women and her husband go badly into poverty because they don’t want to tell her friend that they lost the necklace so they try to get a replica of the necklace which cost 36,000 francs. After y 10 years, when they pay off all the money they owed to get the necklace, the women tells the owner of the necklace that they lost her necklace but got her a new one. When her friend hears this, she replies that the necklace was fake and only cost her only about 400 francs.

I really enjoyed this story because it captures you and you want to keep reading more. i would recommend it to anyone.


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