The manga “Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” by Himekawa Akira is based off of the video game with the same name. It follows and boy named Link. He lives in a forest known as the Kokiri Forest which is the home of the race known as the Kokiri. All Kokiri do not grow up and have fairies however Link does not have a fairy. A few Kokiri named Mido and two of his friends like to tease Link because he is fairy-less. The Great-Deku Tree calls to him as he is attacked by a giant spider named Gohma. Link and Mido fight off Gohma but the Great-Deku Tree was killed. Before his death, he gave Link a jewel known as the Kokiri Emerald. He tells Link to find Princess Zelda in the castle. Since Link was just a young boy and he has never left the forest, Link didn’t know what the outside world was like. As Link headed out, Saria, Link’s most dearest Kokiri friend, gave her ocarina to Link as a gift. She told him that if he ever played it, he would hear the forest. When Link got to the town, he was very excited. Once he got through the town, he headed to the castle. He was not allowed to go through so he decided to look for another route to the princess. Once he got to Princess Zelda, she told him about an evil man named Ganondorf. When Link showed her the Kokiri Emerald she told him to find the other two jewels then go to the Temple of Time. The Goron Ruby and the Zora’s Sapphire. The Goron Ruby was found in Death Mountain, the home of the Goron race. The Zora’s Sapphire was found in Zora’s Domain, home of the Zora. Once Link acquired the remaining two jewels he got to the Temple of Time and placed the three jewels onto the pedestal which opened the Door of Time leading to the Master Sword. He took the Master Sword from the ground and fast traveled seven years into the future with Link as an adult. Ganondorf had taken over the kindom. He was greeted with Raul, the sage of light. Raul told Link that he is not a Kokiri. Link is a Hylian. They are basically the human race of Hyrule. He told Link about the Triforce. It was created by three mini Triforces. Ganondorf inherited the Triforce of Power, Princess Zelda inherited the Triforce of Wisdom, and Link inherited the Triforce of Courage. Raul told Link to find the five remaining sages and to defeat Ganondorf. Long story short, Link succeeded in defeated Ganondorf and saved Zelda and the world but had to go back to his time.

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