Today I will be reviewing the book “Gregor And The Prophecy Of Bane” this is book two of the “Under-land Chronicles” this book was Written by Suzanne Collins. After Gregor’s first visit to the under-land all he wanted was his normal life back but when his sister disappeared he knew he had to go back to the under-land and save them once again. I found this book quite gripping each moment I read I felt as if I was in the book myself the main plot was that Gregor(The Main Character) went back to Regalia(The Under-land City) to defeat the “Bane” which in the prophecy was foretold as a beast of destruction and that only Gregor could defeat it. On the journey all his friends disappeared when he arrived to the so called “Beast” know as the Bane it had been revealed that the Bane was just a harmless baby and for a long time couldn’t do anything so he chose not to kill it and let his friend rat(also called a Gnawer) raise the Bane. Overall a great book and series one that surely many love

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