7 Years before the movie came out, there was a book called How to Train Your Dragon. I decided to re-read this book for the Reading Road Trip. It is a book that I have already read once that I am using for my April Reading Road Trip post.

So the book starts off with this skinny 12 year-old Viking guy named Hiccup, who to avoid being sent into exile, had to catch a hibernating dragon and train it. So he caught a dragon, and named it Toothless because it had no teeth (BUT THE DRAGON WASN’T A DANG NIGHT FURY, IT WAS A BABY SEADRAGONOUS GINGANTICUS MAXIMUS. DreamWorks, why did you have to ruin Toothless for crying out loud). So he brought it back to the village, and waited for it to wake up. When it woke up, he started to train Toothless to do Viking dragon things. So when test day came, Hiccup failed the test and was going to immediately be sent into exile, but because of bad weather conditions, he was able to stay one more night with his tribe before being banished. But that night, the storm washed up 2 giant, mountain-sized dragons onto shore of the little Isle of Berk where Hiccup lived (although if you remember in the movie, there was only one dragon that appeared. That’s another thing that DreamWorks changed with the movie. Why DreamWorks, why). In the morning, one of the dragons killed the other one, and Hiccup killed the last one. And for that deed, Hiccup’s banishment was canceled, and the book ended there.

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