I read a book called The Hobbit its always been suggested and it seems like a personal favorite to me

The main character was Bilbo Baggins and he went on a journey to retrieve a ton of gold from a Dragon that was deep inside of a cave. Him along with Gandalf and other dwarves, they traveled to the the gold while enountering many other strange creatures. During the middle of the book it was the beginning of lord of the rings. Bilbo found a ring that basically made another book series about those rings, and its kind of cool knowing that most people who are into Lord of the rings should probably read this book so they know more about what happens. More than half of the book though was about the forest that they had to cross through. The forest was filled with many strange creatures including spiders, elves, and other weird things. As luckily as they did they made it through the forest while having to escape many elves and finally getting the gold from the dragon, the group actually had to kill the dragon first. Gandalf did leave the group before they entered the forest as he had to go meet up with more wizards or something like that.

It definitely was a personal favorite and I would recommend anybody who has a chance to read this book to get it. It may be a bit long, but trust me its gonna be worth your time.

(Also this if for April RRT it may be a bit late, but I don’t want it missing!)

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