Brian Robeson is going to go visit his father in Canada. Before he leaves, he receivesĀ a hatchet from his mother. While Brian is flying on the plane, the pilot has a heart attack and the plane crashes into a lake. Brian escapes out of the plane, but He is very weak that he can’t move. Eventually, he gains back his strength. Now, he needs to learn how to fish to stay alive. He also needs to learn how to hunt, how to stay warm in winter, and other things he needs to survive. Thanks to a hurricane, the sunken plane was brought back to the surface of the lake. The boy finds a survival kit inside the plane and uses it. Inside the survival kit, there was a transmitter that could contact rescue people about their location. He turned the transmitter on and off a few times, even though he thought it was broken. Soon later, a plane came to the lake and he was saved! He later went back home to live with his mother.

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