This Story Is Written By Lake Lopez, And its about a Man Who Was Santa’s Helper at a mall, He hated the job so much. And he took pictures with the on them Customer number labels. Then one day He Saw a guy Who looked Familiar, So he took a picture of that guys kid, then he remembers who he was, he was the guy that killed his wife, ran her over and left her bones to rot in the parking lot, he served 2 years for man slaughter. Then One Christmas, The Man heared a big bang on his brothers roof, then he heared someone coming down the chimney and when they stepped out of the chimney, he looked at the thing and the thing had yellow eyes and he called them Santa’s helpers, and Santa’s helper gave him a tag and it was the guy who killed his wife’s customer tag and it had his address on it so he went with the elf on his sleigh and he strangled the guy in his bed. A year after that he had his own sleigh and he was hunting people down on the naughty List.

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